Why Openness is Important

    Openness is about allowing ourselves to be receptive

    Firstly ... What is openness ?

    Openness is about allowing ourselves to be receptive to a new idea or opportunity, to be open to change, to be open to a new way of doing something, to be open to life itself and to be open to receive.

    Openness enables us to grow and move forward, so be willing to consider and explore new ideas and opportunities that come your way.

    The opposite of Openness is to be closed and insisting that everything and everyone is to continue being the same. That’s when you allow limiting beliefs like “no, you can’t”, “keep everything the same” to dominate your decisions.

    It takes courage to question your limiting beliefs. By reconsidering these beliefs, you allow the possibility of change, from being closed, to being open. It’s important to keep an open mind towards new ideas and experiences.

    Openness is going with the flow without expectations. Expectations hinder us and hold us back from truly achieving far beyond what we think. Allow yourself to be ready to see what opportunities come your way. Have a willingness to explore alternative ways of thinking, doing and experiencing life.

    It’s also about being ready to receive. By letting go of certainty and opening up to possibilities, we can connect and receive Divine inspiration.

    Openness requires an open heart and exists in all aspects of our lives.

    Note: Article originally published in Temple Magazine (July 2017) - Click HERE to read

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