Manifesting 101

    Updated: Mar 25, 2019

    Key ingredients in Manifesting

    What is manifesting? Manifesting is creating what you want with thoughts, feelings, self worth/belief, intent/ action, gratitude and love.

    We are all able to manifest, we do it every day through the choices we make. Usually though, we do it haphazardly with our subconscious and conscious minds based on our beliefs (including limiting beliefs) and life experiences.

    To manifest, there are key ingredients which are required:


    It begins with thought. What is it that you want? What do you desire? A new home, a new car, a career/new employer, a new partner, money etc. Pick the one that is the most important for you to start with. Be clear about the main aspects of what it is you want. Remember to focus on what you do want, not what you don’t want. So flip all what you don’t want to the positive version of it eg I don’t want my new home on a busy road, you flip it to, my new home is on a quiet street/quiet area. Write in the present tense, it states sooner rather than later. With manifesting money be clear on what you want it for and ask to receive from expected and unexpected sources.

    Choose the essential aspects and leave it to the Universe/God/Source (insert your belief system) to add extra details they want you to have for you highest good. Don’t limit yourself on what you want to manifest ... they may have grander plans.

    Leave the ‘how is it going to happen’ out of the process for what you want to manifest. The ‘how’ is very limiting and you could be stopping your desire reaching you in a quicker and easier way, that you hadn’t thought of.


    Feelings are important; they bring your thoughts to life. How will you feel when what you manifested has arrived? Connect to that excitement and happiness; those feelings help you connect your thoughts to what you desire. The more you feel, the stronger the connection and the more you believe it is on its way. Drop into your feelings often and believe.

    Self Worth/Belief

    Feelings can also bring up resistance to manifesting through lack of self worth, self doubt and limiting beliefs. These will hinder the manifesting, so work on these by clearing the blocks, develop faith in yourself and believe wholeheartedly that you deserve what you want because you ARE worth it.

    Instead of “When I manifest what I want, I will be happy”, the focus should be “When I am happy, I will attract what I want to manifest.” Spending time doing what you love/makes you happy will raise your vibration and feelings of self worth. When you feel good, you attract more into your life. This is your time to shine.


    Intent shows commitment. Commitment leads to action. Manifesting is not about sitting back, doing nothing, while expecting something to suddenly appear, it is about being proactive and taking certain steps to achieve.

    Gratitude and Love

    Gratitude and love are powerful energies and high vibrations and places you in vibrational alignment with what you want to manifest. Be grateful and for what you currently have in your life and in advance for what you want to bring in ... and be ready to receive with arms wide open.

    Note: Article originally published in Temple Magazine (May 2017) - Click HERE to read

    By Julye-Amber Rzoska

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