Intuitive Healings

Think of me as your "Spiritual Plumber" who helps you remove blockages and get you back in the flow

Julye-Amber offers you Intuitive Healings where she will connect with your energy (aura), each of your main energy centres known as the chakra’s, guides and Universal life force energy to bring you channelled guidance about situations, experiences or events in your life where you may be feeling blocked, out of balance, drained or stuck.  She will use her intuitive gifts, Reiki, pendulums, sound and crystals as required throughout your session to allow the healing energy to flow wherever it is needed, addressing any imbalances by loosening up and clearing energy blockages, releasing stress and tension as well as restoring your depleted energy levels to bring you back into flow and alignment physically, emotionally and mentally.  During an intuitive healing with Julye-Amber she will ask you to lay on a padded massage table, fully clothed, and she will allow the energy to guide her where to place her hands on the body in a gentle, natural and non-invasive process that allows you to feel comfortable, relaxed and open to receiving any guidance and messages that come through to support you in taking positive successful actions to flow through your everyday life with peace, joy and love.  Each intuitive healing session will vary depending on your physical, mental and emotional needs as well as any events, situations and experiences that may be taking place at the time.

Private Face-to-Face Healings are available in Upper Coomera (Brisbane, Australia) or via Distance for 1 hour ($120) or 1.5 hours ($160)

Bookings are essential and can be made using the BUY NOW button.  Once your payment has been made you will be taken to your booking confirmation page where you can select your preferred appointment time.  You will then receive a confirmation email together with full details about your healing

Note: Intuitive healing sessions are complementary therapies and do not replace medical treatment.  There is no guarantee given that you will recognise the healing received. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions section of this website for further details.

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