About Me

As an Intuitive Healer and Psychic Medium, I have always had this awareness that I was a bit different from others.  I would have a sense of knowing about people, places and situations without quite understanding how I knew.  From a very young age, I had many encounters with deja vue, synchronistic experiences and knowing’s.  When I was younger, I remember an experience of deja vue while on a school excursion where I felt like I was walking through a memory at a place I had never been before and how special it felt knowing that on a soul level I had been there before.  I have also always been able to see (Clairvoyance), hear (Clairaudience), feel (Clairsentience) and know (Claircognisance) when Spirit is around or when someone is in need of healing.

It wasn’t until later in my journey, that I connected with other people in meditation groups, courses and workshops that I began to realise the true nature of my gifts and how I could connect with them further.  There was a sense of remembering, rather than learning and developing my skills … a feeling I had done these things before.


As a natural progression, Spirit then guided me to a deck of Tarot Cards that ‘spoke’ to me and I began using my abilities, the tools I had gathered and began working with clients as a Psychic and Medium and Intuitive Healer.  This allowed me to draw on all the wisdom and knowledge I had gained to be able to guide and support other people who were experiencing challenges and difficulties in their life.


Growing up as an intuitive, I was drawn to the earth and animals, the moon and stars and always knew there was more to this world than what we can see, hear and sense with our physical senses.  I will never forget the overwhelming sensation that surrounded me and that flowed through me when I was first attuned to Reiki.  There have been many experiences along the way in my healing work, on myself and with others, and stepped into becoming a Reiki Master brought a whole new level of awareness and insights to be able to help others on their journey.


I believe it is important to explore more of who I am and have been personally, professionally and spiritually as a way to continue developing, expanding and growing and do this by regularly attending circles and connecting with like-minded people.  I am passionate about connecting people with their guides, spirits and passed over loved ones to provide you with insight and clarity regarding your current life as well as deliver messages and confirmation from a place of love, honesty and in a down to earth way.


Throughout my journey I have received guidance, support and training from many spiritual teachers and mentors and have completed the following studies along the way:

  • Reiki Masters - attuned by the mystic Maggie Bell, Reiki Master Teacher

  • Clearing and Balancing Chakras and Auric fields

  • Sound and Crystals Therapy

  • Psychic and Mediumship courses/workshops

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